League Overview
Well, myself and two of the lads at work: Prince Xafier and Lord Wath; decided one day to start playing Blood Bowl at work at lunchtimes, to releive the stress of our high-paid (snigger) and high stress jobs! We picked up the Living Rule Book v.5.0 from the Specialist Games website and set to it!

We decided that we would have three teams each and play the league in a set schedule of matches, much like the English Football Leagues, with 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss. On those occasions where a coach would be playing two of his teams against each other, he can nominate any of the other league coaches to play one of his teams. Or, if desired, nominate two coaches to play both of his teams!

The Teams
The following table summaries the team choices that we each made:

IDTeam NameRaceCoach
NSNarco-Ogre SaintsOgrePrince Azalea
MDMiasmal DolphinsElfPrince Azalea
NJNew Orc JabsOrcPrince Azalea
EVElves of the VoidDark ElvesPrince Xafier
LRLowdown RatzSkavenPrince Xafier
SSScaley SneaksLizardmanPrince Xafier
ELEagle LegionnairesHumanLord Wath
ENEinherijar of the NorthNorseLord Wath
DDDark Destroyers of the WarpChaosLord Wath

The Schedule
Then we worked up a schedule of play. Since it invoves a number of tables, I've put it on a separate page: The Schedule

The Results
So having teams and a schedule of play in place we strapped on the armour and got stuck in! We're still in the middle of Season 1 at the moment, but here are the results so far!

Full Fixture List Status TDs CASs Notes Seq#
Week 1 NS EV Complete. 2-1 2-2 Notes 1
  SS MD Complete. 2-2 1-2 Notes 2
  EL NJ Complete. 0-4 0-4 Notes 4
  DD LR Complete. 0-2 1-2 Notes 5
Week 2 DD NJ Complete. 1-1 2-7 Notes 7
  EV EL Complete. 2-2 2-2 Notes 8
  LR EN Complete. 2-1 3-0 Notes 6
  SS NS Complete. 1-1 2-4 Notes 3
Week 3 NS NJ Complete. 1-0 0-3 Notes 9
  DD EL Complete. 0-3 1-1 Notes 12
  LR SS Complete. 2-1 5-1 Notes 10
  MD EN Complete. 1-1 1-3 Notes 11
Week 4 LR NJ Complete. 3-1 3-2   13
  NS EL         16
  MD EV         15
  SS EN Next.       14

Current Table of Results
So, all that is left to report is the current results!

 WonDrawnLostPointsTD forTD againstTD diffCAS forCAS againstCAS diffPlayed
Lowdown Ratz4001293613494
Narco-Ogre Saints201742267-13
New Orc Jabs1125651165114
Eagle Legionnaires111456-137-43
Miasmal Dolphins00223304422
Scaley Sneaks012245-1412-83
Elves of the Void011134-14402
Einherijar of the North011123-134-12
Dark Destroyers of the Warp021116-5410-63