The League of Extraordinary Weirdos
The Premier Blood Bowl League of South ShireShire!

Schedule : Season 1
This is the schedule of play that we're following for the first season of the League. Since there are nine teams, each team will have a week off during the season, or a bye week, as only four games can be played per league week.

Fixtures  Narco-Ogre Saints   New Orc Jabs   Miasmal Dolphins   Elves of the Void   Scaley Sneaks   Lowdown Ratz   Dark Destroyers Of The Warp   Eagle Legionnaires   Einherijar Of The North 
Einherijar Of The North W8 W7 W3 W6 W4 W2 W5 W9  
Eagle Legionnaires W4 W1 W6 W2 W8 W5 W3  
Dark Destroyers Of The Warp  W6 W2 W9 W8 W7 W1  
Lowdown Ratz W9 W4 W8 W7 W3  
Scaley Sneaks W2 W6 W1 W5  
Elves of the Void W1 W9 W4  
Miasmal Dolphins W7 W5  
New Orc Jabs W3  
Narco-Ogre Saints  

 Week 1 Bye Einherijar Of The North
 Week 2 Bye Miasmal Dolphins
 Week 3 Bye Elves of the Void
 Week 4 Bye Dark Destroyers Of The Warp
 Week 5 Bye Narco-Ogre Saints
 Week 6 Bye Lowdown Ratz
 Week 7 Bye Eagle Legionnaires
 Week 8 Bye New Orc Jabs
 Week 9 Bye Scaley Sneaks

This breaks down into the following schedule, which we keep updated with results, as we play the games.

Full Fixture List Status TDs CASs Seq#
Week 1 NS EV Complete. 2-1 2-2 1
  SS MD Complete. 2-2 1-2 2
  EL NJ Complete. 0-4 0-4 4
  DD LR Complete. 0-2 1-2 5
Week 2 DD NJ Complete. 1-1 2-7 7
  EV EL Complete. 2-2 2-2 8
  LR EN Complete. 2-1 3-0 6
  SS NS Complete. 1-1 2-4 3
Week 3 NS NJ Complete. 1-0 0-3 9
  DD EL Complete. 0-3 1-1 12
  LR SS Complete. 2-1 5-1 10
  MD EN Complete. 1-1 1-3 11
Week 4 LR NJ Complete. 3-1 3-2 13
  NS EL       16
  MD EV       15
  SS EN Next.     14
Week 5 MD NJ        
  LR EL        
  SS EV        
  DD EN        
Week 6 SS NJ        
  NS DD        
  MD EL        
  EV EN        
Week 7 LR EV        
  NJ EN        
  MD NS        
  SS EL        
Week 8 MD LR        
  NS EN        
  DD EV        
  SS EL        
Week 9 LR NS        
  NJ EV        
  MD DD