I love the idea of playing a Stargate game, in a Stargate-style universe, but I didn’t want to just replay the adventures exactly as I’ve seen them on-screen.  But the episodes of SG-1 and SG Atlantis which involved alternate universes gave me an idea.  Why not create alternate dimension SGC in which to play my games – then it will still be Stargate, but a little different.

So, these sketch ideas are intended to help create an alternate SGC that I can have my adventures in.  When I get bored of one SGC (or I accidently get it destroyed), I can just roll me up a new one – at least I hope that is how it will work. I also hope that these rules are of use when I need to create an alternate timeline/universe SGC for my main SGC to interact with.

The basic idea is that we establish some basic parameters for the Stargate – when, where and who found it and was there a DHD with it, or not?  These tables serve only as a guide, and some creative input will be required from the person creating the SGC in order to make sense of the results – and the more divergent the result, the more imagination (and perhaps historical inquiry) will be needed.

There are some things that are constant, however, just for reasons of sanity, and to make sure I don’t overtax my imagination.  The main “enemy” will still be the Goa’uld who enslaved humans thousands of years ago and left the Stargate on earth to be discovered in my Stargate campaign.

1)     When exactly was the Stargate discovered? d100

Roll Result
01 1000 + d1000 or choose
02-05 1878 – 2d100
06-10 1928 – 5d20
10-19 1928 – 2d20
20-39 1928 – d20
40-59 1924 + d6
60-79 1928 + d20
80-90 1928 + 2d20
91-95 1928 + 5d20
96-99 1978 + 2d100
00 2000 + d1000 or choose

2)     Where was the Stargate discovered? d100

Roll Result
01 Underwater / Atlantis (mythic, not SG) or choose
02-03 Arctic
04-07 Russia or Northern Asia
08-13 China, Japan, Korea or South East Asia
14-21 India or Central Asia
22-29 Middle East, Persia or Turkey
30-39 Other North Africa
40-59 Egypt (as canon)
60-69 Southern Europe
70-77 Northern European
78-86 Africa
88-93 North America
94-97 South America
98-99 Australia
00 Antarctic

3)     How long has the Stargate been buried?

It is always assumed that the Goa’uld arrived about 10,000 years before current.

The Stargate was buried after a revolution 1000 + 6d1000 years ago.

4)     Which civilisation discovered the Stargate?

This one is a bit trickier as it depends on when and where the Stargate was discovered.  Websites like Wikipedia and HyperHistory Online can help see who was in power in the area of discovery at the time, then use the table to help determine who it was who discovered the Stargate. If a country is rolled, chose an appropriate "official" organisation of that country.



Roll Result
01 Aliens found your Stargate first! or choose
02-09 “Evil” Organisation, i.e., Eugenicists, Independent Nazis, Mad Scientists, Satanists, Bad Clerics, Etc.
10-19 Minor World Power
20-34 Major World Power
35-64 Independent Explorer / Archaeologist
65-79 Country owning land where Stargate is found
80-89 Other “Minor” Country [1]


“Good” Organisation, i.e., League of Nations, University, U.N.C.L.E, RSPCA, Good Clerics, Etc.
98-00 It found itself! [2] or choose

5)     How “famous” was the discovery of the Stargate?

Finding the Stargate may have been a huge media story, a footnote on p.32 of The Times, or secret only known to its discoverer!  The impact of its find may have an effect on your SGC in the future!

This is not the same as understanding the function of the device, of course, which is covered by question (7), below. This result relates solely to the discovery of the gate as an artifact, along with any attendant tech discovered at the same time. At the time of its discovery, the gate will just appear to be a large artifact of an unknown alloy, with unusual inscriptions on it, buried with a coverstone.

Roll Result
01-05 Ultra Secret
06-15 Top Secret
16-35 Secret
36-55 Classified
56-75 Unacknowledged
76-85 Acknowledged
86-95 Reported On
96-99 Publicised
00 Media Storm

Ultra Secret: Hardly anyone knows about the discovery: maybe just the individual who led the expedition and just a few at the top of the organisation which controls the Stargate.  It is likely that a significant number of people involved in the dig have been quietly killed in order to keep its existence secret (evil/bad discoverers) or a plausible cover story used to hide the true nature of the discovery – after all, it isn’t going to be set up and run at the archaeology site while the work crews watch. Or perhaps a combination of both. No-one on the outside should know of its existence.

Top Secret: Only a few trusted people know the secret of the Stargate’s existence.  If its function is unknown, then there are likely to be some top “brains” on the project investigating the device.  It is possible, maybe even likely (if bad guys found the gate) that a few people may have had to "disappear" or have been “bumped off” in order to keep the secret.  A handful of people on the outside may know of the Stargate’s existence.

Secret: Tens of trusted people know that the Stargate exists, and its function will be being investigated in some manner.  Considerable pressure will have been applied to some people in order to keep the secret, and a number of well placed people on the outside are likely to know of its existence.

Classified: Hundred of trusted people know that the Stargate exists and any enquiries as to existence in the public domain will be denied.  Active research is likely to be ongoing, and pressure will have been used to people leaving the organisation in order to keep knowledge of the Stargate limited.  Some people outside of the organisation will know of its existence, including some members of the “public” most interested in such items.

Unacknowledged: Existence of the Stargate is neither confirmed, nor denied, or maybe a lot of people are just not interested.  Active research may be ongoing, or the Stargate may simply be stored in a warehouse next to the Arc of the Covenant that Indiana Jones found!  Let’s hope the kawoosh from the Stargate doesn’t destroy The Arc!!

Acknowledged: Existence or discovery of the Stargate may be acknowledged, but perhaps not its present owner.  It may, or may not be a mystery object that has “gone missing”, or it may be on public display somewhere, mistaken for a giant sculpture of some unknown ancient civilization.

Reported On: The discovery and existence of the Stargate has been covered by the media and the current location (or at least ownership) of the Stargate is know and a matter of public record.  It is likely to be either on public display, or at a location where access to it can be arranged.

Publicised: The discovery, existence, ownership and location of the Stargate is widely known.  Research may be ongoing, or considered “complete”, and the Stargate is almost certainly on display in some public location and being used as a tourist or cultural attraction of some kind: such as on display in the British Museum; or in the grounds of the Palace of Versailles.

Media Storm: A great media fanfare accompanied the discovery of the Stargate.  You’d have to be a member of the lost tribe in the Amazon basin not to know about it – unless, of course it was found next to your village, in which case you would.  It will be considered a world-famous land mark, in a location such as setup on open-air display next to the Sphinx, or outside the Reichstag in Berlin.  It could even have been built into a public building somehow.

6)      Was any other “technology” recovered at the same time?

If other technology was recovered at the same time as the Stargate, this can have a major impact on how the Stargate is used, and possibly even on how society developed after the discovery of the Stargate.

It is assumed that a Coverstone was discovered with the Stargate, which is what was used to render the Stargate inactive.  Other than this, roll on the first table below to find out how many items of technology were discovered with the gate.

Depending on the tech that is discovered with the gate, and how functional you determine it to be, you may with to change the secrecy level of the discovery. As with all of these tables, you should feel free to change a result so that it fits with the SGC you're trying to create, if it feels right to do so!

Roll Result
01-60 No items of technology found with the gate
61-70 1 item found
71-80 2 items found
81-90 d4 items found
91-95 d6 items found
96-00 Roll four times again on this table and add up the number of items found

Then roll on this table to discover what was found. If you re-roll something that there can only be one of found, then discount the second roll and try again until something else is rolled.

Roll Result
01-20 DHD found (can only find one of these)
21-45 Transport Rings (can only find one of these)
46-62 Canopic Jar (5% chance per jar of housing a captive Goa’uld)
63-72 Healing Device
73-77 Hand Device
78-84 Pain Stick
85-86 Rosetta Tablet that helps translate Egyptian to Goa'uld.
87 List of gate addresses in Goa'uld
88-91 Zat’ni’katel
92-95 Staff weapon
96-97 Jaffa armour
98 Horus Guard armour (or other guard armour, i.e., Serpent Guard, if you want a different first Goa’uld enemy than Ra)
99 Goa’uld skeleton inside and attached to Human skeleton
00 Sarcophagus (can only find one of these)

7)     How quickly was the function of the Stargate recognised?

8)     Who controls it now?

9)     What happens to this SGC I've just created?

Now there are all very important questions, but I haven't created any guides to help discover the answers to these important questions, so for the time being, we'll have to rely on imagination alone, from here on in!

Or, we could thank Mike, for providing some fast-track answers to these questions, which I have uploaded here. Great job, Mike!

In the mean time, have a look through some of the SGCs I've created with these tables, here. I've also uploaded some SGCs that other people have created, here.

And last, but perhaps most important! "Stargate," "Stargate SG-1," "Stargate Atlantis," "Stargate Infinity," characters, and other all other copyrighted terms from the film and television series are copyrighted by MGM Television Entertainment, Stargate Productions, and NBC / Universal. The little bits that are left over are all mine! Dave Barker 22nd October 2008.

[1]Use the Stargate Discovery Table (2), to get an idea for this country, if required.

[2]I.e., the wind cleared the sand away from the Stargate, or it was uncovered in a mudslide. Roll again to see who recovers it and add 50+5d10 to the discovery year.  If you keep rolling 98-00, keep adding 50+5d10 to the discovery year!