At the end of my Create Your Own SGC page, I posed three questions for which I have not yet provided answers, which are vital for getting the SGC you've created up and running.

Fortunately for me, one of my readers, Mike, has kindly provided a quick mechanism for answering these questions, which will get your SGC up and runnings and you SG teams in the field as quickly as possible. Thanks Mike!

Fast Track System

7)     How quickly was the function of the Stargate recognised?

Roll a d10 and consult the following table:

1Never discovered *
2-31 year
4-55 years
6-710 years
8-950 years
10100 years

8)     Who controls it now?

Depends on when discovered if found in the past; if the future then it will be a d10 die roll.

1-6Current location from Question 3
7-8Located in the country it was found (which could be the same as result 1-6)
9Located in a warehouse near an airport or seaport of the country last known to control the gate;
10Lost. But rumoured to be ... well, use your imagination!

9)     What happens to this SGC I've just created?

Air Force, Army, Navy, non-military Control; U.N. type Control. If its use is known/discovered it can be assumed that in most cases the gate would be used and explorer teams sent through. Then it is a matter of when they meet Go’uld forces and if they realize the danger and/or make it back. Might run into other humans who warn them; or other aliens who attack them. This is where you take over completely and start running your games!

* If never discovered, use this table to determine how long it takes a Goa’uld to find out that the gate on Earth is working once more!