I've already had some others playing with the SGC generation tables that I created and for everyone that has shared their SGCs with me and given me permission to upload, I've going to include them on this page.

If you have created an SGC and want to see it on this list, just email me at keeper40k@yahoo.co.uk

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List of Other People's SGCs

The first one is a great twist that I'd not thought of, but was obvious to Mark - use the tables to create an SGC for an alien culture! Great idea Mark! See his SGC, below.

Mark's T'Fannian SGC

I find your idea to be quite interesting. Thinking of using it to develop other SGC programs from other races who have discovered the Stargate and are beginning to explorer the stars.

Came up with the T'Fannian Expeditionary Units. A race of elf-like beings who have recently discovered their gate in a special cavern system almost 80 years ago (rolled 04 then roll 40 getting year 1928). The cavernous system was found where their civilization began (rolled 27 = Middle East/Turkey) .

The gate was buried there since the Gouald were mythically in contact with T'Fani civilization some 7000 years ago. The T'Fannian Intelligence Administration discovered the gate during a major battle with civil insurgents wishing to bring the chaos of death to those who do not believe in their gods.

Currently the discovery of the Stargate and its program is Unacknowledged by those outside the Intelligence Administration heads. Though Research is ongoing, the Stargate program is neither confirmed nor denied and only 4 teams exist. Their uniforms are similar to Stormtroopers of Star Wars to "recycle miniatures" into other systems.

Four other items were discovered at the site - a DHD, Jaffa Staff Weapons, and 2 healing devices. These items have revolutionized the personnel weaponry and medical fields in the last 20 years.

Currently the T'Fannian Intelligence Adminstration controls the program outside of government knowledge, including the military dictatorship that controls 3/4's of their world.