Welcome, to the website of Prince Azalea. I hold this rank by virtue of birth; being the first born son of Queen Azalea: Her Britannic and Majestic Majesty; Queen of the Planet, Dominion and Commonwealth of Azaela. But, all are welcome here, whether you are a royal, a lord, a lady, a peon or a peasant; even independent citizens of godless foreign powers. All are equally welcome here.

OK, so I might not be an official prince on planet Earth, but my mother was crowned Queen Azalea at the age of 12 at a local May Fair, which must make me Prince Azalea and my sister Princess Azalea, right?

And since we’re a family of sci-fi geeks, it just follows naturally that Mum must be Queen Azalea, Queen of the Azaleaons, of the planet Azalea, yes?

Makes sense?

If not, just go here. It’s what my wife does when she is fed up of my geekiness.

Yes, I do have a wife.

No, she is not imaginary.

7th December 2010
Added a new miniature to the Fantasy Miniatures gallery today.

15th November 2010
Been rather quiet on here for the last six months. I have got a new job and moved cities since I last posted and I am once more back in a position where I am painting again regularly! Just one quick update today, which is to add a new link for Mannequin Miniatures.

A special welcome as well to anyone who has stopped by the Azalean Empire from Bell of Lost Souls! Even if you just came to look at the fantasy portal page, that's OK! :)

20th April 2010
Just about recovered from the Triples gaming event in Sheffield last weekend. I helped out generally and also helped the Sheffield Irregulars run the Old Glory Speed Painting Challenge. Becky of Sheffield Irregulars has done a small write-up here.

Also, Azalean Models has changed their name to Just Bits, so I've updated my links page.

7th April 2010
I was rather suprised and flattered that the editors of Irregular Magazine put a link to this page into their editorial for Issue 4. So if you've found your way here as a result of following the link in Irregular Magazine, let me offer you a hearty welcome and I'd be pleased to hear any feedback you have about either this website or Irregular Magazine if you'd like to email me.

I've also added a female Orc Berzerker to my Fantasy Miniatures gallery and added a new gallery contain all of my LPL3 entries.

31st March 2010
Updated the banner image for Irregular Magazine to the Issue 4 banner. I'm pretty excited about this one as I have written a Traveller RPG article for this issue! It will be available to download free from Easter weekend onwards.

issue 4,spring 10,swashbuckler

26th February 2010
Added links for 6d6 Fireball, Azalean Models and Britannicus Miniature Figure Painting. Also, if you get a message complaining about javascript, apologies about that - I've just added some Google Analytics to the site.

I've been creating quite a bit of content for this website, but just not got around to uploading it yet! You have my apologies for that, readers. I shall try and get it done after the submission deadline for Irregular Magazine Issue 4!

11th January 2010
Added a new link for Casemate Publishing. I just won a free book through a competition they had by following them on twitter: @casematepub


As and when I feel I have something else to add, I will update these pages!

Picture of an old dwarf - for no good reason