This gallery contains pictures of the Fantasy miniatures that I have painted. This far, I'm just putting them all together on this one page, but I suspect as it grows, I might have to break these pages up into a number of sub-pages!

Fat Paladin

That chap is an old citadel miniature that I picked up off ebay for the princely sum of 1. A little research has shown me that he is a Fantasy Tribes Fighter (FTF2 Paladin), which released December 1982 by Citadel. However, as soon as I got him, I had to paint him up real quick and create a d20 character for him! As soon as I find those character details, I'll post those up as well!

Fat Paladin Fat Paladin Fat Paladin Fat Paladin


This dragon painting a dragon who is painting a dragon is a rather nice sculpt from Miniature Heroes. Easy to assemble and a fun and quick paintjob, I'd definately recommend him to those of you that enjoy painting!

Sablesinge Sablesinge Sablesinge Sablesinge

Female Orc Berzerker

I confess that I don't remember which manufacturer made this mini, but she was quick and fun to paint. If I'm honest, I don't think I've got enough variation in her skin tones and she needs a proper matt coat of varnish (I've given up on the GW matt spray varnish since I painted this orc), but I'm still pretty pleased with the final effect - especially on her skirt.

Female Orc Berzerker Female Orc Berzerker Female Orc Berzerker

1/72 Dwarves: The Ironhead Giants

This is the warband that I'm using in our Songs of Blades and Heroes Fantasy Raiders Campaign. They are known as The Ironhead Giants (SBH Warband, if you're really interested!)

These little chaps are Caesar Miniatures Dwarves. As they are massed-produced plastic minis, I was a little concerned that they might be a bit rubbish and not too much fun to paint, but I was quite wrong! The detail on them is really quite impressive and I had great fun in painting them! I've not tried to go for the best standard of painting I can acheive as they are likely to take some hammer as we play with them, but I'm pretty pleased with the result anyway.

I've sealed them with a heavy varnish to protect them. And then I used brush-on Dullcote Matt Lacquer over the top, as I don't want to waste my precious aerosol Testor's Dullcoat. It is the first time I've used this, and as you can see in spots I've not got it quite right, but I was really impressed and will definately be using a lot more of it! Even the wife liked the smell - and she usually hates it when the smell of spray varnish makes it into the house!


1/72 Skeletons

Some more plastic fantasy minis from Caesar Miniatures. These were as much fun to paint as the dwarves and we're using them in the Fantasy Raiders campaign until Peter gets around to painting his own miniatures!

What I really love about them is the real Harryhausen feel the've got to them - like they've just been raised and are about to attack Jason and his argonaughts! :)

I've sealed them with a heavy varnish to protect them, and then used brush-on Dullcote Matt Lacquer, just like the Dwarves.