This gallery contains pictures of the few Medieval miniatures that I have painted. Thus far, it isn't really a period I'm very much into, or know much about - but that hasn't stopped me painting a couple of things!!

Battle of Tewkesbury Award Miniatures

One of my friends, Tom D, ran a War of the Roses game, recreating the Battle of Tewkesbury. Although I didn't play, or even attend, Tom D asked me to paint some awards for those that were taking part. I don't know what award each piece represented, but I'll try and find out and update this page!

All of these are 1/72 plastics from the Strelets Medieval Britain Set. Bloody awful plastic to work with, but I think they've come out OK and apparantly the receipients liked them.

The bit I'm least happy with is I tried to get a bit of sheer fabric effect on the wench's bum, but it just looks a bit dirty. If anyone has any tips for next time I try this, your're most welcome to email me.

Any other feedback you have is most welcome, too! Especially pointers if I've painted anything incorrectly as I really don't know very much about this period!