Here we have some of the near future warriors that I have painted. Mostly I use these lads and ladies when I'm playing CombatZone from em4, but they have their other uses as well.

Nuns with Guns

These girls have found God, and they are not happy with the unbelievers!

From Ground Zero Games, they were a joy to paint!


Sin Girls

These girls, on the other hand, are definately pro-emancipation and are prepared to take up arms to secure these rights!

From em4 they were nearly as much fun to paint as the Nuns, although I need to paint a new version of the girl in the black corset as I can't believe I used to paint skin that badly!

Sin Girls

Natali, or Daisy Duke?

This is a fantastic miniature that I picked up from Newbold World. I bought two copies of the model and when I received them in the post I just had a Daisy Duke moment: I know the miniature is not designed with hotpants, but it is what I saw in this model, and with the tight top and big hair, I knew where I was going with my paint scheme.

In order to differentiate between these two girls, I chose to paint one with a red top and one with a pink top. However, pink thigh-length leather boots were a must for both ladies. Hey! I'm a man, what can I say!

I have exaggerated the facial features, like actors (or actresses in this case) do with stage makeup, since I wanted these girls to look good on the tabletop, and you usually see a miniature from 4 to 6 feet away in this environment.

Clearly they are no longer amongst the best of my work, but I've got a soft, ol' sentimental spot for them!

Phone Boxes

These brilliant clear-resin phone boxes from Fenris Games were a joy to paint and they now often adorn my tabletop games, sometimes quite inconguously!

What I particularly like about them is the way that the masking process hasn't quite worked perfectly, and that the tiny casting imperfections actually make the phoneboxes look like the real ones you see in the street (well, you can see some near where I live!) rather than the "perfect" examples you often get from a model.


This is the pack of Hostages from Armourcast from their Tactical Miniatures range.. They are also available from Hasslefree Miniatures in the UK. I bought mine from Hasslefree ;)

They were fun to paint - I did them in just one evening, in preparation for our warehouse game. Nothing more than basic colours with a wash and a bit of a highlight and some detail picked out. They were fun to paint, and I might look at getting some more Armourcast miniatures, once the lead mountain is a bit smaller!