Here we have some of the near future terrain that I have created for my Near Future Miniatures to fight over. Mostly I use this stuff when I'm playing CombatZone from em4, but they have their other uses as well.

Phone Boxes

These brilliant clear-resin phone boxes from Fenris Games were a joy to paint and they now often adorn my tabletop games, sometimes quite inconguously!

What I particularly like about them is the way that the masking process hasn't quite worked perfectly, and that the tiny casting imperfections actually make the phoneboxes look like the real ones you see in the street (well, you can see some near where I live!) rather than the "perfect" examples you often get from a model.


I built these warehouses out of some mounting board I had lying around in the garage, for a hostage-rescue game of CombatZone that we had in January 2009. They're pretty simple in terms of design and construction, in two pieces, each measuring 21 inches by 25 inches. One part is the warehouse 'proper' and the other is the attached offices, although either can be used independently as well.

I'm hoping to use these for some other types of games too, including Space Hulk; some kind of Zombiocalypse-type game; and perhaps as a ship interior for a sci-fi RPG game.