This is my small collection of Pulp miniatures, which I hope to expand on in the near future. I've not played any games with them yet, but I've been thinking of doing some solo-gaming with the Savage Worlds rules, once I've painted some heroes for them to contend with!

Zombie Nazis

Nazi Zombies from 1. Todesjäger-Division (Totgesagt) - my Pulp Zombie Nazi force.

The miniatures are from the now sadly defunct Spyglass Miniatures and the leader is a master casting in metal, which Steve at Spyglass was kind enough to include as a gift for being the first customer to buy a "hoard" of the regular zombies. Before you ask, a "hoard" in this case was 20!

German Zombies

Cthulu Cultists

These are Cthulu cultists from the Hasslefree Miniatures White Metal range. I found this quite fun to paint, although I'm not sure I got the green robes quite right.

I've not played any games with these chaps, either, yet. I really must try harder!

Cthulu Cultists

Foo Dog Statues

These lovely ruined Foo Dog statues are from Fenris Games. They were a lot of fun to paint, as I've found with all of the Fenris resin pieces I've painted, and I'm really pleased with the way that they have come out!

I've not actually used them in a game yet :( I really must try and find a way to make use of them soon! Obviously I just need to find more time for gaming!

Foo Dogs Foo Dogs