I've actually suprised myself that it has taken this long to get together any photographs to go into a sci-fi gallery, what with me being a sci-fi nut and all, but I guess I've not been playing many sci-fi games of late, come to think of it!

Necromunda Redemptionists

I had a game of Necromunda recently at Sheffield Wargames Society with Jon and Jason. I have several gangs that have been lying around in my lead pile for years without being touched, so with the motivation of a game just ahead of me, I painted these chaps up in slightly under a week! They were great fun to paint although I might have given them a bit more detail, especially on the weapons, if I'd taken a bit more time, but I am still very pleased with the way they turned out, especially the red of their robes!

Redemptionist Leaders Redemptionist Brethren
More Redemptionist Brethren Redemptionist Zealots
Redemptionist Gang

Champion of Nurgle

The Sheffield Irregulars September 2009 painting challenge was to paint a miniature using just three pots of colour. When I saw this chap on Tim's Miniature Heroes site, I thought he'd be ideal to paint with GW Scorched Brown, Revell Olive Green and Citadel Bleached Bone. I had to mix these colours and thin them down sometimes to get washes for the effects I wanted, but I hope you'll agree he's turned out pretty well! :)

The base wasn't part of the challenge, fortunately! It is one that I did as part of a tutorial with Jon from Britannicus Miniature Figure Painting at the IMP09 event.

Nurgle Champion Front Nurgle Champion Back Nurgle Champion Left Nurgle Champion Right
Nurgle Champion