I got in my first 1938 game last night, with Ian at the Sheffield Wargames Society. We used the CombatZone rules, as they are a set I know fairly well (although I was mildly embarassed to have to keep looking rules up!) and after taking some advice from the Combat Zone Yahoo Group I came up with some appropriate stats for two ten-man mililtas.

Ian took the socialist militia, Socialist Blades, and I had the BUF (British Union of Fascists) miltia, Fascist Owls and we determined that Ian would be defending the farm from a raid by my chaps. We dug out some generic ruins to represent the farm, as well as a few hills to represent undulating terrain approaching the farm. Also, since this is all supposed to be local, I randomly plucked out of the air that the farm was located somewhere in the Rivelin Valley and that the BUF wanted to take control of these strategic buildings in order to protect the route out to Manchester over the Snake Pass.

The Owls started pretty well, advancing around a small hill out of sight of Ian's guards for a short while.

But the Blades weren't slacking and were on the lookout for attackers. They knew how important it was to hold this farm! Firing commenced as soon as the Owls came into view, and the Blades inflicted the first casualties as they were charged with steady rifle fire.

The Owls were made of sterner stuff, though and a little rifle fire only served to get them fired up for the charge! The first hand-to-hand combat was on the Owl's right, but all of the miltiamen on the table were quickly caught up in fast, bloody, hand-to-hand fighting.

It was a very close run thing, with both militias giving a good account of themselves, before failing their morale checks after the first bouts of close combat, but the fascists held their never just slightly better than the socialists, who were routed from the table. One of the remaining fasicsts is shown here patroling the farm after the battle.

I quite enjoyed the game and definately need to paint up some more troops so that a larger battle can be played out. Combat Zone was a pretty good ruleset for this scale of battle, but I don't know whether it was the size of the forces, or how evenly matched they were, or indeed if it was because we chose to use entirely green troops, but it did turn into a bit of a dice-fest. I think I'd definately use the CombatZone rules again for a battle of this size, although more varied forces are called for (a couple of WWI veterans each, perhaps). For a larger battle, though, I think a different set of rules are called for. Suggestions on a postcard to ... keeper40k@yahoo.co.uk! :)

Finally, just wanted to say thanks to Ian for joining me in this pick-up game :D