At the local club I attend, a few of us have started a Fantasy Raiders campaign, which is like Viking Raiders, but with Fantasy Races :)

We're using the Songs of Blades and Heroes rules from Ganesha Games. We're also using 1/72 minis, as they're cheap and available and, frankly, most of us have piles of things lying around that can be put to use!

The Ironhead Giants first fight of the raiding season

(SBH Warband List, if you're really interested!)

We decided that our first target of the season would be a village that was a little further out of the way than was easiest to hit. We landed on the beach, near the rivermouth. I say "rivermouth" but "streammouth" would be more accurate!

Disembarking from the boat was a concern as we'd picked it up second-hand from a human trader and the dimensions of the boat are just not quite right for a properly proportion creature, like a Dwarf. We'd had a few problems when we'd practiced out landings before the start of the season with everyone getting off the boat in an orderly manner, but we did well this time, with only a couple of stragglers.

The humans had seen us land, and had formed what few warriors they had against us. This band of humans were pretty weird types who were celts that hadn't been painted yet wore white body paint for strange religions reasons. Whatever. Body paint won't help them against a solid ax blow!

Unfortunately we were just closing to engage the humans when a raiding party of Frost Orcs also landed, a little way up the beach! Bloody orcs - always there when you least want them! However, neither of us wanted to take too many hits this early in the raiding season, so we quickly reached a compromise to beat up the humans (who put up quite a reasonable fight, I must say!) and share the spoils.

We took out most of the human warriors, capturing four humans as slaves, including the village leader and one of the warriors and left the Orcs (along with their great, smelly, two-headed orgre!) to take care of the rest.

Here you see us just after breaking the core of the human's warriors, dragging three of subdued humans, including the village chief back to our boat as slaves, whilst the Ver Ironheadssen brothers (the leader and hero of our warband, seen here wearing their cloaks) provide a protection from and deterant to the orcs and humans, allowing the boys to ensure we got our share of the spoils. Hmmm ... I think the boat could do with a new lick of paint, too, come to think of it!

Fortunately for us, they were even more indisciplined than us in getting off their boat, so we had plenty of time to move in to take our agreed share of the loot before the untrustworthy Orcs were able to renege on the inpromptu deal we had made.

Here you can see the Frost Orcs assaulting the last of the warriors and villagers in an attempt to take slaves, but mostly doing a bad job and outright killing the humans. You can still see Sven Ver Ironheadssen providing cover for the last of boys.

Overall we did pretty well on our first raid, getting away with 16 turnips, 2 cows and 4 slaves, including the village cheif and a warrior. At the end of the day, I think the orcs ended up with more cows, but fewer turnips and slaves. However, poor old Kort Eikbana, one of our berkerkers, got a spear in the jacksie from one of the villagers after slipping on a cow pat in the middle of a fight - but he'll be on his feet again in a couple of days and ready for the fight once more; burning with more than rage next time!