At the local club I attend, a few of us have started a Fantasy Raiders campaign, which is like Viking Raiders, but with Fantasy Races :)

We're using the Songs of Blades and Heroes rules from Ganesha Games. We're also using 1/72 minis, as they're cheap and available and, frankly, most of us have piles of things lying around that can be put to use!

This was my second game of the night, my first having been playing as Humans vs. Peter's Undead. This time I was playing my Dwarf Warband raiding a human village.

With apologies for the photograph, as I had forgotten my proper camera and only had my BlackBerry with me.

The Ironhead Giants second fight of the raiding season

(SBH Warband List, if you're really interested!)

Today went even better than yesterday. On our way upstream to raid that first group of chalk-covered nutcases, we had passed by silently in the gloom another human settlement that had a relatively large hill pretty close by.

As the hill was located upstream from the village, we decided to raid this one on the way back downstream, especially since this lot of numpties hadn't seen us yet do to human's seriously poor dark sight, and this would mean we could make maximum use of the cover of the hill for the attack.

So, as we approached the village a second time, we moored the boat behind the hill, assembled in good order and proceeded up the hill to just behind the ridge.

We observed the humans for a few minutes, just to make sure that they were completely unaware of our presence and then at the very moment that we felt that none of them were looking our way, I quietly gave the command to rise and attack.

We charged downhill and our warriors were amongst them before the slow-witted humans even realised that they were being raided! They put up enough of a fight to make it interesting, especially in defence of their village chief, but ultimately they were not a match for us and were routed.

However, to give them the due, they did a pretty good job of high-tailing it with their some of their cattle before we could catch them. They also tried to rescue something from the strange wooden caves, that we later learned was Gold!!

Mediocre quality for the most part, thinned a little and moulded with some odd looking human symbols. A little of it, maybe about 12%, was starting to suffer from goblin-rot, but the lads should be able to sort that out in the next couple of days to prevent it from contaminating the rest of the haul. One piece, though, is a proper piece of clean Dwarven gold. Mined from the third shaft of the deeper Slangornhold Gold Mine, by the markings. Not properly cared for, of course, but it feels great to be taking it back to a Dwarven Stronghold, where it rightly belongs.

This one piece of Home Gold has cheered Kort right up and he says his arse is feeling much better and can't wait to stick it to the humans next time we make landfall.

Since I've mentioned Kort's arse, I should add that not a single Dwarf was injured in this raid - which I'm really quite proud of, although to be quite honest I think it was more to do with the fighting abilities of these humans, more than the undoubtedly great skills of the lads. In fact, I think we suffered more scratches and bruises rounding up the four cows they left behind, than fighting the humans!

I will praise the humans a little, however: we purloined a load of beer from the village, as well, which I have to say is amongst the best that I have ever looted from humans! Since we have also taken nine of them as slaves, I'm thinking I might get them to start brewing this stuf for us to give to guess we only like a little bit, once when we get home!