At the local club I attend, a few of us have started a Fantasy Raiders campaign, which is like Viking Raiders, but with Fantasy Races :)

We're using the Songs of Blades and Heroes rules from Ganesha Games. We're also using 1/72 minis, as they're cheap and available and, frankly, most of us have piles of things lying around that can be put to use!

This was my third game of the night, a four-way battle between Frost Orcs, human villagers, attacking Hobbits and My Dwarf Warband. My first two games of the evening having been playing as Humans vs. Peter's Undead and a previous raid by my Dwarves vs. a Human Village.

With apologies for the photographs, as I had forgotten my proper camera and only had my BlackBerry with me.

The Ironhead Giants third fight of the raiding season

(SBH Warband List, if you're really interested!)

Well, I think maybe that we've been a little bit complacent with these humans, especially after we stormed over that hill and swept the last village clean of its beer and a goodly number if its villagers.

After cleaning out the village and having a little bit of a party on the main deck - after securing the new slaves properly with the old ones, of course - we set sail upstream again, thinking already of heading back to Tortuga to bank our growing haul of slaves and loot.

Four forces ready for a battle!

However, near the estuary those untrustworthy Frost Orcs were blocking the way to open water, preparing to raid a nearby village whilst at the same time a force of carrot-haired hobbits were preparing to cross the river and attack the village as well. Boy! Were those humans were having a bad day!

Ginger Hobbits Ready for the fight!

Anyway, we didn't want to miss out on all of the fun, so we anchored at a spot that allowed us to disembark onto either bank and prepared to fight as the hobbits advanced towards the bridge and the orcs broke out in a big shouting match with themselves.

A lone hobbit berzerker - not something you see every day!

Leaving a gunner and a bowman to keep the thieving little hobbits away from the boat on our port bows whilst the rest of us made landfall in the field to our starboard.

Humans advance to engage the hobbits

The humans and hobbits cane to blows first, showing what could best be described as a lack of tactical nouse. They started fighting and dying over the bridge as we advanced towards the village, intent on the loot! I saw in the distance that something large had got fed up of arguing with the rest of the orcs and slunk off into the woods, but the rest of the orcs were still at it, with one or two finally being pushed over the side of their ramshackle boat and onto the shoreline nearest the village.

The lads advance against the humans

After a few potshots to keep away the larcenous little carrot-tops they pretty much left us alone on the port bank and we began to engage some of the humans on the way to the village, with my brother Sven racing off on his own once more like a hobbit vixen in heat!

We quickly took in a couple of the humans under the cosh and hauled them back to tje boat to be ties up with the rest of our captives, when all of a sudden something on the bridge gave fright to the humans and almost all of them went fleeing back to their village for cover. The Gods alone know what a hobbit could have done to have given anyone such a fright - let alone a group of beings! Perhaps one had lifted its kilt and shown the humans a set of their misshapen genitals!

A flashing hobbit - not something you ever want to see!

As we finally cleared the first wave of attackers, Sven shot even further ahead looking to get into those strange human wooden caves and look for loot. Our gunner left on the starboard bow, who was covering anyone approaching the lads from the bridge, took aim at one of the humans who hadn't fled at the sight of a hobbit's trouser-snake and put a shot into the daft buggers head which exploded like a ripe waterfruit. (11-1 on the roll!) This only sent the humans running even further away!

As the humans finally rallied, the hobbits had taken the bridge, and some of the carrot-headed little sods had the balls to head in our direction. A group of humans started heading in our direction, too, rightly ignoring the frankly non-existent threat from the still squabbling orcs. A second group of humans, obviously taking their cue from the devious little ginger monkeys, were sneaking around behind one of the wooden caves intent on ambushing Sven.

As the hobbits and humans joined in their attack against us and we had to swing our axes at two different heights to deal with these morons, we managed to press-gang another human and one of the more tenacious hobbits into a life of servitude, chaining the half-concious buggers up with the rest, back in the boat.

However this was the high point of the fight for us and the point where is started to wrong. Sven was overwhelmed and stabbed in both legs by the sneaking humans. He only got away and back to the boat by playing possum until they'd moved on, and sneaking away.

Four forces ready for a battle!

And as we slew the last of the humans and hobbits who had had the nerve to assault us, they had their revenge as they managed to seriously wound both Oskar, who was providing some ranged cover with his bow, and Ingvar, Kort's brother. They'll both live, by the will of the Gods, but neither will fight again this season. We'll definately head for Tortuga now, and leave both to rest up with their wounds, a couple of whores and plenty of ale until we complete our raiding season.

Finally, after we'd made the open ocean, having captured a hobbit, we had to check to see if it really was as bad as the humans thought it was. So, we chained it to the main mast and whipped off its kilt. Not a one of us kept down our lunch and it was five minutes before anyone was well enough to get its kilt back in place. I think we'll save that particular entertainment for those we're forced to entertain, but really don't like very much. The mother-in-law, perhaps!