OK, so I made a rash promise on Twitter (@KeeperOfTheHDB, if you really want to know) that I would take some photos of the lead mountain, as some people have said they've been surprised/shocked/horrified/in awe of/disappointed by the size and contents of my lead mountain.

So, since I can't document it all in one go, this is part 1, which covers the bits I'm allowed keep in the living room, where I usually paint. I'll get to the garage when I've built up a bit more courage!

You should pick up pretty quickly that I am not a hugely tidy person (I tell myself it inhibits my creativity), but that doesn't mean I'm not organised, as I hope you'll see!

The Coal Face: Or, what I'm allowed to have in the living room

I do most of my hobby work (excepting priming, some large builds, or when the good lady wife is watching something I consider cr*p on the telly) in the living room at the dining table (we have a through lounge-diner). In order to keep some semblance of order, I only keep a small amount of stuff on the shelves at the back of the room, which will be the focus of this firs part of the adventure into the lead mountain!

So, pic #1! I work off a GW Paint Station. I saw work off, rather than work on, as I mostly use it as a storage device, putting newspaper own on the table, with the paint station further away, picking stuff off and putting it back as needed. Here you can see the paint station in its 'resting' place on the pine shelves at the back of the living room, with wargaming and military reference material on the shelf above and my general unfiled books on the shelf below. I've also got a lot of my RPGs on a different part of these shelves, but you don't want to see those, do you?

Don't worry too much about what's on there right now, I'll come onto that in a bit!

The Paint Station

I also keep an amount of the other kind of materials that you need for this hobby in the living room - flocks and grasses, gravel, sand and PVA glue as well as some reference materials. These I keep piled rather haphazardly, just to the left of where I keep my paint station, as shown in pic #2!

The Extras

Although its not really very obviously, I also keep a number of miniatures in this haphazard pile that I really should have got around to painting already, but haven't. These are perhaps my front line attempt to guilt myself into painting more and more often. Not really the best picture ever taken, but you might just be able to make out a number of colonial British troops I want to paint for Victorian science fiction gaming; some more of the Westwind SoTR German Zombies; various foundry Darkest Africa/Lost World type miniatures; Baccus6mm Zulus and Colonial British (yeah, I know, two different scales of the same thing, already! That might become a theme!); a whole bunch of Spyglass and Eolith minis; a Heresy Angel and Demon; and finally that is indeed a partially assembled Heresy Netherlord II (went with the netherwang option - I know someone will ask!).

Miniatures from The Extras

That extra little black and gold bag is my extra bag of guilt, full of stuff I overspent on a Triples about three years ago, and still haven't painted all of yet! The contents are shown below, and include some Phoenix Icons stargate minis; various Black Scorpion minis - mostly pirates; some not-TOS Star Trek minis; and a selection of 28mm fantasy and sci-fi minis from GZG, including the Spice Marines.

Bag of Guilt

Now this little box is stored behind the uprights of the pine shelves and is the opposite of the guilt piles. These are a few of the minis that I really, REALLY want to get around to painting!! And they're all primed and ready to go as soon as I find time! Mostly, but not exclusively, Heresy and Hasslefree minis.

Box of Desire

Now this next image is the strange shape on top of everything in pic '1. It is my current WIP for my entry into the Sheffield Irregulars monthly comp of October 2009, where the theme is "winter's touch", or something like that anyway :) I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this one, but if you can't, well, you'll just have to wait, won't you? :D

Work In Progress

These next two boxes contain the half-started projects I really want to get back to and which I haven't brought myself to put back into the longer-term storage in the garage yet! In this first box there are some 15mm Cowboys; a whole load of 1/72 Caeser fantasy miniatures including adventures, elves, orcs and some Celts I'll be using as humans; as well as some 1/72 minis I'm painting as Anglican Militia for AVBCW.

Box 1

This second box is rather less tidy, but amongst the bits and pieces there are some Black Scorpion US Marines I will paint for Stargate gaming; some more 1938 AVBCW Anglicans and Socialists; more 1/72 Celts; and some 15mm late war Germans that I will base for playing Crossfire.

Box 2

Now we get right to the coal face. These are the miniatures I'm actively in the process of painting! The orc belongs to the kids and is just there for repairs. The lance of Mechs I am painting for IWM comp on WAMP. The Germans I'm painting up just a basic level so I can try out the BattleField Evolution: WWII rules. I've got a small force of British Paras to do when these chaps are done. Behind those, there are also some of those VSF/Colonial British from earlier; a Fenris Police Box (this one is going to be red); Hasslefree's Isembard Kevinicus Brunel; Blood Bowl chaos beastmen; and a space marine scout.

Painting In Progress

A bit of an odd photo, this one, but I wanted to mention that I keep a painting diary for almost everything that I paint, I note down what I'm painting and what colours and colour recipes I've been using. And this is my current (and third) journal. Been doing this for several years now, and its really useful on a number of different levels - keeping troops painting some time apart looking consistent; remembering how I've painted stuff and sometimes why; recording what I've painted (I do try and paint 1 mini per day on average); and not least keeping my handwriting half-legible!

Painting Diary

Finally for now, these are some of the minis I've recently finished painting and haven't put away properly, yet. You might be able to pick out the Death Guard Marine I painted for Sheffield Irregular's Sept09 three colour challenge; as well as loyalist Storm Lord Space Marine scouts and a chaplain; most of a converted Chaos Blood Bowl tea; a couple of 1/72 fascists for 1938 AVBCW; and a Fenris Police Box. I know I'm going to be asked why it is green and I don't know. But I think it looks good :)

Recently Finished Minis

Right, that's all for now. If you want to feedback or ask me any questions about any of this, feel free to ask me either by email or on Twitter!

Next time, if courage can be found, I shall enter the garage!