OK, so, as well as a fantastic ship (seen here), I also bought some smaller boats from Gerard in Holland. He has modelled and cast these in resin himself, so I understand.

These are one-piece models, so I didn't have to worry about assembling them before I got on with the painting - the part I enjoy the most.

I undercoat these little chaps with black spray from Games Workshop as I want an effect of some of the tar keeping the planks watertight peeking through the woodwork. The boat on the left has just been undercoated.

After the undercoat has dried, but before I started on the brown colour, I have gone of the boat and touched up the black undercoat with GW Chaos Black in the places the spray didn't get to. The spray should get everywhere, but it never does!

I then painted the planks in GW Scorched Brown, leaving the black undercoat to show through the gaps in the planks. I found it most effective to do this in two stages: the planks on the deck of the boat first, then leaving this to dry before painting the rest of the planks. I did this, as I am a bit finger-clumsy, and probably would have spread dark brown paint everywhere if I had not. The middle boat is painted to this stage.

Finally, I applied a light-to-medium drybrush of GW Bestial Brown to age this wood slightly, and to pull out the grain of the planks.

And that's it. Straightforward; easy and fun to paint; a real testament to the quality of any model, especially these little guys. Well done, Gerard!

Prince Azalea.
20th April 2006 11:18pm BST