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Welcome, to the website of Prince Azalea.

Welcome, to the website of Prince Azalea. I hold this rank by virtue of birth; being the first born son of Queen Azalea: Her Britannic and Majestic Majesty; Queen of the Planet, Dominion and Commonwealth of Azaela. But, all are welcome here, whether you are a royal, a lord, a lady, a peon or a peasant; even independent citizens of godless foreign powers. All are equally welcome here.

OK, so I might not be an official prince on planet Earth, but my mother was crowned Queen Azalea at the age of 12 at a local May Fair, which must make me Prince Azalea and my sister Princess Azalea, right?

And since we’re a family of sci-fi geeks, it just follows naturally that Mum must be Queen Azalea, Queen of the Azaleaons, of the planet Azalea, yes?

Makes sense?

If not, just go here. It’s what my wife does when she is fed up of
my geekiness.

Yes, I do have a wife.

No, she is not imaginary.