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Nagash, the Supreme Lord of Undeath
Nagash, the Supreme Lord of Undeath

Last night I finished painting this heavyweight mini, to fit in with my Nighthaunt Army.

This is the original Warhammer Nagash figure. All metal with a 40mm square monster base, he was a bit of a task to assemble, needing careful patience, gentle filing, green stuff and superglue to bring him all together. Definitely a retro modelling experience that took me back to my teenage years!

On the other hand, the painting was a lot easier than it would have been in the past thanks to Games Workshop’s Contrast paints!

The reason for the particular colour choices I made are to match with my Nighthaunt army. Die to his high points cost of Nagash in Age Of Sigmar, I am only likely to use him in fun, narrative games, where I envisage that he doesn’t appear in ‘person’ but astrally projects himself onto the battlefield to fight alongside his forces of death!

Finally, I must confess that this working on, and now owning the final painted version of this classic Nagash model gives me heaps of warm nostalgic buzz 🙂 💀